Not now

This life will be good and beautiful but not without heartbreak in dead comes peace. The pain is the cost of living, like love is how we know we’re alive. I hold on, helplessly praying, I’m still hiding all the pain and feelings. I still need you. Don’t come back, you can’t make it wright.  I need to let go, I know I’m strong. I don’t wanna hear and see you anymore.

He broke me

After 3 months, that moment when he realised, he doesn’t love me the way I love him. He broke my hard in silence, it was hard, it’s still hard. I don’t know what I will do. But it’s definetly not something with him. 

I hope

Hope. A word so close to ‘home’ and as tricky. As much as we all wanted to feel caught into something beautiful, to feel safe again with every day that passed, our hopes dimmed more and more. There’s that old clichéd saying: ‘It’s darkest before the dawn.’ But sometimes… there’s just darkness.