I don´t know

It is November 26, just 2 more days and I and my darling are 5 months together. It´s weird. I can´t describe how I feel around him. I miss him a little. A little too much, a little too often, and a whole lot more each day. We see each other once or twice a week, that is not a lot. Without you my soul just isn’t complete. You’re everything I love, without you I’m no longer me. I need you, I can´t live without you anymore.

I love you my darling. I know I don´t say it enough but I mean it. You are the love of my life… I love you.


It´s been a while…

I know it´s been a while. A long while. I haven’t needed… I haven’t wanted to write this stuff down, but I don’t want to say it out loud either. The thing is that I´m not a talker and I hate it. It hurts. The pain is slowly dying on the inside, I`m too weak. So I keep it silent.  Just me… alone.

sometimes a part of me just wanna lose it all, and then I think of Anthony. I`m almost all that he has left, he is everything that I have. So I need to find a balance.


I met someone by accident, Anthony. I felt something I haven’t felt before. It was different, weird, a little epic but still great. This one day made my hole week better. I can’t explain it yet, but, … it’s hard to think when he’s around me. I miss him, every minute, every second, I will always miss him… even when he’s with me.

Happy mother’s day

My mother is the best mother I could ever wish. She’s kind, beautiful but most of all she’s here for me. I love you mam, I always will. Because no one else could ever replace you. I love you today, and tomorrow and for the rest of my life. Happy mama’s day.